Brian Peet

Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked professionally as a drummer, singer, keyboardist, composer, mixer, editor, producer and live sound engineer. I’ve studied Music Composition at Florida State University and Recording Arts at Full Sail University. I’ve played in numerous bands, lived all over the country and spent countless hours in creative pursuits.

While I enjoy playing live occasionally, the studio is my true home. I love every aspect of the recording process, and ultimately view a finished album as a sonic sculpture, forever etched in time.

Stylistically, I'm all over the map. I've written classical and jazz, pop, rock and country. I write sad songs, silly songs, angry songs, and more. I never set out to create an album with one genre or feel. Rather, as a solo artist, I prefer for an album to be an expression of my varied experiences, moods and influences over a period of time. The albums Shadowself and Interplosion represent two very different phases of my life, and there is no one point of view.

I hope you enjoy listening.

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